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Intel® open source 3D Graphics Drivers for Linux* are the industry-leading drivers for Linux* distributions for all Intel® graphics platforms shipped over the last decade.

For an overview of the new features please visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon“.Whether you are running the latest Android games on an Intel®-based Chromebook with Google Play Store, or a sophisticated 3D modeling application on a system with the Intel® Xeon® processor, Intel's graphics drivers put beautiful 3D graphics at your fingertips.Today I am proud to announce that Intel is among a select group of graphics platform suppliers with drivers certified for the most advanced versions of all three open industry-defined 3D graphics APIs on Linux*: Open GL* 4.5, Open GL ES* 3.2 and Vulkan* 1.0.A WILD BIOSTAR ENTERS Yup Biostar of all people have RGB support in their UEFI So far it sounds like Aorus, Asrock and Biostar have in UEFI control. For the Asus WL-500 series a few extra steps are available/needed when you do the initial flashing of your Asus WL-500 series router, compared to the general TFTP flash procedure.

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