Bender amy dating

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Immediately she realized that acting was the way to go and seriously wanted to pursue it.

So her next step was to let her parents know about her intentions and dreams and try to convince them to let her go for it.

Bender has been called a fabulist, but emerges as more a spelunker of the human soul; carefully burrowing through her characters' layered disorders and abilities, Bender plumbs an emotionally crippled family with power and authenticity.

Surprisingly, she did not have to work very hard to make them understand as they completely understood where she was coming from and gave her the green signal.

Even though she has worked in a lot of projects, her most prominent roles till date are that of Cyd Ripley, the gutsy, messy yet lovable teen, who along with her best friend, Shelby, gains the power to travel back and forth in time in Disney Channel’s buddy comedy ‘Best Friends Whenever’ and of Cleo Bernstein in the Disney XD series ‘Crash & Bernstein.’ Fresh, radiant and an already seasoned actress, Landry Bender is a star in her own right!

As Bender plans to steal the crown of a Robo-Hungarian prince, Fry and Leela question the depth of their relationship, and Amy would very much like to begin unhealthily eating out of control again.

But when it turns out the professor's mind switching machine cannot work on the same two people twice in a row, the plot spirals out of control as Planet Express and then some begin using the machine for their own nefarious purposes.

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