Updating ompf marines

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"Leaders should remind our Marines they are not anonymous in the virtual world and remain accountable for their actions," Neller wrote.

For a more complete listing of authorized documents view AR 600-8-104.The Army will continue to promote its most qualified and experienced officers and noncommissioned officers based on potential and performance, he said.But he added this also means that boards will only select the best qualified out of the field of fully qualified Soldiers.The Marines' top officer has sent a "White Letter" to all senior leaders in the service ordering them to support self-identified victims of Facebook harassment and illicit photo sharing, and to educate troops on what is expected of them in their conduct online.Sent out March 10, nearly a week after news broke that Marines had been sharing nude and compromising photos of female colleagues on a 30,000-member Facebook page called Marines United, the message also promises new guidance to Marines concerning the boundaries of appropriate online behavior. Robert Neller to all commanding generals, unit commanding officers, and senior enlisted leaders across the Corps and obtained by Military.com, does not mince words.

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