Windows 2016 reverse dns not updating

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What we outline in this post is how you can create and update PTR records for yourself, without having to revert to us.

Usually the update of PTR records is a manual process where the user of a given IP address must send a request to the organization that manages the IP network, to add/remove/modify the PTR record for a given address.The process of reverse resolving an IP address uses the pointer DNS record type (PTR record).In order to do a DNS lookup for data that is associated with a certain IP address, you should map the IP addresses into the DNS name hierarchy.This is a useful setting to configure for anyone, but it is essential for customers running an outgoing mail server on their Cloud Server.This article shows how to add a reverse DNS record (also known as an RDNS record and a PTR record) to map your server’s IP address to a domain name (for example, Perform the following steps the create a reverse DNS record in the Cloud Control Panel: ©2017 Rackspace US, Inc.

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