Jack wagner and ashley jones dating

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This is going to age me, but who doesn’t remember listening to Frisco serenading Felicia with “Lady of My Heart”?I got a chance to chat with Jack Wagner when I visited the set of Can you tell me about what’s happening with Bill this season?He also has a past that comes to haunt him a little bit.

But former THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL co-stars Ashley Jones (ex-Bridget) and Jack Wagner (ex-Nick) have never commented on their rumored relationship... The two actors have confirmed to that they are a couple!

In the same year he met his daughter Kerry who is 23 years old for the first time. Wagner also knows to play golf and he is one of the leading golfers among the celebrity.

He also raises charity for the society suffering from leukemia, myeloma, Hodgkin’s disease and lymphoma.

Jack is an attractive person, who was certainly more handsome in his young days.

He has got blonde hair, no facial beard, blue eyes and a distinct smile that is always present on his face.

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