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Yet remarkably, to God the Father, Christ’s sacrifice served as a pleasing aroma. It was because, just as the sweet fragrance of roses reminds us of someone’s love, the sacrifice of Christ is a reminder of God’s love for the world.

I rolled my eyes, vowing never to forgive myself for starting that little Valentine’s Day tradition. While driving to work one Valentine’s morning, the newscaster sprang her greeting onto her bleary-eyed audience, “Happy Singles Awareness Day! I laughed so hard, I couldn’t wait to share it with all my single co-workers. At first, the office was in hysterics and the morning was priceless. The fact that the novelty has worn seems to have dawned on everyone except, that is, my friend Carol.

She appeared with Faten Hamama in An Appointment with Life (Ezzedine Zulficar, 1954), while in The Unknown Woman (Mahmoud Zulficar, 1959), she plays the role of Fatma in a heavy melodrama in which she faces a series of tragedies and injustices, commits murder, and is defended in court by her estranged son; she also played the good-hearted seductress who takes in a fugitive in The Thief and the Dogs (Kamal E1-Sheikh, 1962).

Shadia likewise performed strongly in comedy roles, most notably in Wife Number 13 (Fatin Abdel-Wahab, 1962) and My Wife the General Manager (Abdel-Wahab, 1966).

Fredua Koranteng Adu is a soccer player born on 2nd June 1989 in Tema, Ghana.

He currently plays for the Tampa Bay Rowdies of the North American Soccer League. According to sources it has been estimated that Freddy’s overall net worth is million.

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