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Make sure you are logged into the same i Tunes account that you used to purchase the app Although i Tunes or your device may show an update is available, you need to be logged into the original i Tunes account that you used to purchase the app to be able to download any updates. If the app was downloaded to i Tunes on your computer, you can verify the i Tunes account by opening the i Tunes application, clicking .This is the Apple ID that was used to purchase the app.Now you can go to settings, general, store and sign in with the ID you want to use. If you've used a previous ID and apps associated with that ID are on your device, you will still be prompted to enter the password for that ID if the App Store attempts any updates.

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Of course, if you're backing up to the cloud, this step is a bit moot. My friend's mate reset his phone to prove him wrong about a situation and ever since then when he tries to update his apps it asks for his mom's i Cloud password yet it says at the bottom of the App Store, i Tunes and i Cloud that it's signed into his account.We have tried backing it up into his computer but that didn't help. If it's asking for a different Apple ID to update an app or apps, then they have been purchased on the other Apple account.For instructions on updating Proloquo2Go, please see: How do I update to a new version?Although we do not have an FAQ on updating Pictello, you can basically follow the same instructions for updating Proloquo2Go.

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