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Last night, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist interviewed his fellow blogger and girlfriend, Garance Doré at The French Institute's annual Fashion Series.The conversation was enchanting and lively—an informal retelling of Garance's grassroots and the evolution of her work in the art and fashion world.

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She was blonde and we had adventures."• On growing up with her sister: "When she was 13, she became the most beautiful girl ever. We're best friends now, but that was a tough moment."• Her mom also loved fashion: "She always dressed in Mugler and was a fantastic creature.

When we moved houses once I realized she was really crazy—everything was white. "• On finding the right career: "I did a computer test about what my job would be.

I was very hopeful, but I got taxidermist."• An expensive pair of boots helped her obtain her first important internship: "I got a call.

Not so long ago I had no idea who Jenny Walton was.

As a person who’d like to think she was pretty up to date with the fashion world’s elite, I was shocked at how such a gem had slipped through my fingers.

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