Updating embedded files

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Using the default parser, sw-description follows the syntax rules described in the libconfig manual.Please take a look at an explanation of basic types.Please update to the latest version of One Note from the App Store and try it out!SWUpdate uses the library “libconfig” as default parser for the image description.Not linked The block definition was not created by importing a file.File not found The file that was used to create the block definition cannot be found.However, it is possible to extend SWUpdate and add an own parser, based on a different syntax and language as the one supported by libconfig.

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updating embedded files-76

If you add a script/text files in your DNX ASP project and update that file.

The whole description must be contained in the sw-description file itself: using of the #include directive is not allowed by SWUpdate.

The following example explains better the implemented tags: The concept can be extended to deliver a single image containing the release for multiple devices.

Block Manager Block Definitions Name Displays a list of block definitions in the model.

Link Status Displays the status of block instances linked to external files.

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