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Comparing the timeline in the newspost to the Homestuck archives, work on Act 7 started at about the same time Jane entered the medium and ended around the time John was experiencing his dimension hoping powers for the first time, though by that time animation would have been mostly done and very hard to significantly change.

I’ve unfortunately have a lot of schoolwork at the moment which has been consuming my life, but, all the resources for Promstuck Act 2 Part 1 have been gathered, and once I’ve gotten over this rough spot of schoolwork, I will have it out as soon as possible!

Finding out who sendificated it to her could have been a vital plot point, but since Hussie decided not to use it, it’s simply a semi-intentional red herring that was probably prepared by some carapacian, just like the exile stations were.

So, given that strategy for writing, how could Hussie have decided on an ending so far in advance?

Whatever—if he wasn’t going to be able to escape this thing anytime soon, he might as well enjoy himself.

“Frikkin’ hell, this is…is weird, this is really weird, frikkin’ Pandora, full of god-damn sex monsters, what the f—mmmph!

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For example, the eight player session on Mom’s terminal.

This was a nod towards the idea of a combined kid/guardian session, but that’s all it was.

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