Review of parship dating

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"Search" button is maybe a little hard to find on Parship.Your search criteria gets saved the first time you join the site, so you don’t need to repeat it ever again – if new people who match your partner preferences join the site, they will automatically appear in your suggested partners list.I asked to cancel my membership due to the terrible customer service and they threatened to send in the 'Collectors' or baliffs to collect a whole years worth of membership fees!!!What we liked about Parship is how they’ve tried to make the usual tedious profile-creating process a little more pleasant for you.Parship asks you to complete a very thorough psychometric test, taking in everything from eye colour and favourite books to personal character traits and those qualities that you are expecting in your prospective partner.The questionnaire will be used to match your traits with those of other profiles and the two profiles will be compared and assigned a compatibility score- the higher the score the more compatible your answers were with those of the person that you are matched with.Search for UK dating and you may not notice uk, but it’s a company that has been built up over 10 years and maintained itself in a massive market against the big players out there. The most impressive (in fact it’s quite astonishing) feature of uk is its compatibility test.

The Psychometric Test is its main selling point, which premise is simple but effective.

It takes them over a week to respond to your emails/messages and they don't even bother to reply to some of them.

They have a telephone number but if you call it they disconnect you after you listen to two recorded messages.

That’s something we immediately realized during our Parship review, and something we couldn’t wait to get away from.

That kind of environment mostly breeds a site full of scammers, and that’s exactly what happened on uk.

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