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As a novice interior designer, barely eking out a living, Peggy has high hopes that her biggest (and at the present only) client Bev will see to it that Peggy does not have to change her address from a P.

(that magazine tucked into every American Airlines chair) to get into the mind of online daters.

According to the abundant negative publicity I encountered during my research, it seems most of us like to make resolutions, but few follow through beyond the first month.

He never would have had a chance with her otherwise.

So whether you're into golden showers, panty wetting, public pissing, desperation and holding, pee drinking, pissing bondage or any kind of peeing urophagia, this is your new favorite site!

Leach sued both Riley and ILF, alleging trademark infringement for continuing to use Riley's name in selling their Fleshlight.

Compliments are queenly and anything but will stick like glue.

Employers and beau’s (and their parents) can seek you out and everything you post on the internet before they’ve even met you. What judgements can be made about you without you knowing? You only need to show the world what you wish them to see. Being in "the firm" means that Kate is in a very unique situation.

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