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By simply paying attention to what’s going on in your cutie’s world, you’ll be that much closer to rocking your romantic life. Make your Date a Priority Contrary to popular belief, romance is NOT dead.In fact, the best way to introduce it into your next date is to take a look at your current list of priorities and possibly give it a subtle shift.The series has been a worldwide success with editions in numerous languages.The books are an example of a media franchise, consistently sporting a distinctive cover—usually yellow and black with a triangular-headed cartoon figure known as the "Dummies Man", and an informal, blackboard-style logo.Aziz Ansari, who is among the most popular stand-up comedians in the country, met me for lunch at Cherche Midi, on the Bowery, New York, looking like a hip, surprised sprite. Ansari famously went from playing a delusional Lothario on to having 5.6 million Twitter followers and selling out Madison Square Garden twice with his one-man show. The person he truthfully described he wanted to find “was a little younger than me, small, with dark hair.” But the woman he’s been dating for the past two years and is now happily living with in Los Angeles is a little older, taller, and blonde. His current love wouldn’t have made it through the filters he placed on his own online dating profile. “If we could have just one checkbox, it would say, ‘I want someone I have a very deep connection with and I can sit around having the most fun with—’ ”In the end, every dating tool is a means to a traditional outcome—a real, live, risky meeting! from Tamil Nadu, in Southern India, are the successful outcome of an arranged marriage. It’s easier because you’re not going to hear the disappointment in their voice.”We’ve become souls divided, he maintains, between the real self and the cell-phone self. When Aziz was writing stand-up about online dating, he experimented with filling out the forms of dummy accounts on several dating sites.Examples of gallant gestures that’ll clue your cutie in to the fact that you’re a romance rock star include such simple acts as regularly setting aside time during the day to talk on the phone, not bringing your Black Berry on your next date, and paying special attention to your date’s needs when you do spend time together.

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