Am i dating a female sociopath

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Before I discuss the female psychopath, I will first address how to diagnose a psychopath—a subject of ongoing confusion.

Once the distinction is clear, we can explore examples of how female psychopaths are similar to, and different from, their male counterparts.

Psychopathy is the same thing as Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD), the disorder which refers to the lack of conscience and empathy also often seen with psychopathy.

The APD diagnostic structure is included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, now currently in its fifth edition (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).

Most sociopaths don’t reach the notoriety of Manson and Madoff.

Even so, sociopathy is far more common than we like to think.

First offense: Look at the claims, responsibilities, and promises made or implied and address any inconsistencies.

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They’re likable, friendly, and charming (not at all over-the-top).Two different terms, a similar problem The diagnosis "psychopath" is best made with the Psychopathy Checklist–Revised (PCL-R, 2003) developed by Robert Hare.The PCL–R consists of 20 items, which are scored from 0 to 2 depending on how well each item fits an individual. Within research, 30 is the accepted threshold for psychopathy (Hare, Hart and Harper, 1991). Most people believe sociopaths are just the mass murderers in our society; however, that is not the truth. If you find yourself in a relationship with a sociopath, you will know by the violations you are sustaining to your sentiments, physical being, sexual integrity and/or finances. The following guidelines will help you deal with the sociopath, as well as other types of toxic and abusive personalities. Go with your instincts or intuition versus the implied role he has taken on. Estimates say that 1 in 25 of men and women are diagnosable with this personality disorder.

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