Validating hresult 80004005

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QRM [1328] [1328] SAVFMSETask(530)[17DC] 2009-10-08 0437ms: [1328] ..\..\..\src\Server\SAVFMSESHARED\TEncrypted Item.cpp(995) : [1328] Decrypting file D:\Program Files(x86)\Symantec\SMSMSE.0\Server\Quarantine\SYQ12845fbf1. [1328] [1328] [1328] SAVFMSETask(530)[17DC] 2009-10-08 0437ms: [1328] ..\..\..\src\Server\SAVFMSESHARED\TEncrypted File.cpp(824) : [1328] Header claims attachment is 75776 bytes [1328] [1328] SAVFMSETask(530)[17DC] 2009-10-08 0437ms: [1328] ..\..\..\src\Server\SAVFMSESHARED\TEncrypted File.cpp(1115) : [1328] Actually decrypted 75776 bytes [1328] [1328] SAVFMSETask(530)[17DC] 2009-10-08 0437ms: [1328] ..\..\..\src\Server\SAVFMSESHARED\Ntfy Msg.cpp(166) : [1328] Debug Trace: [1328] [1328] SAVFMSETask(530)[17DC] 2009-10-08 0437ms: [1328] ..\..\..\src\Server\SAVFMSESHARED\Ntfy Msg.cpp(172) : [1328] Debug Trace: HRESULT=0x80004005 - Unspecified error [1328] [1328] SAVFMSETask(530)[17DC] 2009-10-08 0437ms: [1328] ..\..\..\src\Server\SAVFMSESHARED\Ntfy Msg.cpp(344) : [1328] Debug Trace: HRESULT=0x80005001 [1328] [1328] SAVFMSETask(530)[17DC] 2009-10-08 0453ms: [1328] ..\..\..\src\Server\SAVFMSESHARED\Shared Utils.cpp(1368) : [1328] Debug Trace: 1. QRM to file D:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\SMSMSE.0\Server\Quarantine\SYQ17dc16b61. This is a common error for administrators who maintain multiple boot images.PXE is an extension of DHCP, which uses a broadcast type of communication.You should add those through must use this boot image or the tools might not work properly.Check to make sure the image into which you loaded the drivers is the same image being used by the task sequence.

Sélectionnez la clé suivante dans le Registre : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC 3. Je n'ai aucun probleme pour surfer c'est uniquement windows update qui pose probleme.The upgrade appeared to go smoothly, but when I logged on to Windows 10 for the first time, I realized that I didn’t have any of my settings or files.I checked the Application event log and sure enough, I was logged in with a TEMP profile.Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I upgraded one of my computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 using Windows Update.It had been nagging me to upgrade for awhile and I finally gave in and did it.

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