When can recovering alcoholic enter dating phoney dating sites

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I am in a relationship with a man who is recently divorced, as am I.We dated each other long ago while I was a teenager.My divorce was over in a few months but his took longer - 15 months.

That is one of the reasons they use- it makes them feel more confident.He will show no empathy for others and will always put his needs above the needs or concerns of everyone else. A person with NPD will exhibit these same characteristics even after years of not drinking. Alcoholic selfishness has many of the same characteristics while a person is using.Many alcoholics demand to be the center of attention, put their needs above their families’, and they strongly deny that their behavior is a problem.Excessive drinking, usually over years, can lead to nerve damage.The first sign of nerve damage may be in numbness or tingling in the hands, legs and feet. There may be pain or burning sensations in the feet, or cramps in the calf muscles.

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