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It’s a mixed bag of prospects, ranging from Sam, a Midwesterner with his own fitness company, to Charlie, a Wisconsin manny who’s been single for 26 years.

As is expected of any project that involves gay men, the show was immediately met with scrutiny and judgment.

Although I was skeptical of the show, I soon realized the only crime is taking it too seriously. And being able to document my wedding was really a treat too because I went into it thinking, “Oh lord, I don’t know how they’re gonna show me.

It’s only gonna show the negative things like us fighting.” But I thought it was a beautiful story that they showed. There’s always going to be criticism in anything you do but the casting directors did a great job of getting a really diverse group of men that come from all walks of life, all colors, all shapes.

You cast a KNOWN ex-sex worker as your "Prize" (How much was he vetted that you know he still isn't? I lead you to two stories on a Gay website: and The LGBT community has fought for equal rights for years and this is what you consider equal?

That and obviously gay men have received a bad reputation for sexual racism and body shaming and things of that nature. Reality as a whole gets a bad name for itself because some people just don’t get it.I recently met with Sepúlveda and the show's host, Lance Bass over lunch at STK in Midtown Manhattan. [LAUGHS] But that was a fun little thing I did with MTV.We discussed life, love, and reality television over steak frites and sorbet. I was at a bar, and they were casting guys…I was one of the raidees. And that was one of the first gay so I got a really good taste of what it felt like to shoot a show like this.They said a friend of a friend suggested him, I think.Casting a first season is always hard because no one knows what the show is. I think Logo had a lot to live up to with this first season, and they didn’t want to exclude anyone.

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