Who discovered carbon dating

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If you find 50 grams, the sample must be about 250 years old.

If you find 25 grams, it's probably about 500 years old.

Firm believers in the authenticity of the Shroud were confident of a serious dating error (or incredible oversight in the c-14 dating process).

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Creationists keep saying things like this, "How about the massive global carbon and coal deposits which render carbon dating inaccurate?A special note: On this website, at the time of this writing, there are nearly 10 hours of streaming audio...basically a complete narration of the written words on Simply get a cup of tea, select the subject category on the navigation panel on your left, then select the subject you're interested in, click on the play or listen button and put up your feet and listen. No matter how articulate and scholarly the evaluation, if it is built upon a false assumption, the conclusion will be in error.Plus, every Thursday eve (God willing) a brand new subject is aired. If I plug into the computing program of my computer that 2 2 equals 5, no matter how scholarly my math, my computations will always be incorrect. We received the following e-mail from a visitor to Godsaidmansaid.com: Every object, animate or inanimate, contains a form of carbon known as carbon-14.MAN SAID, because of false theories like evolution and erroneous dating systems like Carbon-14 and Potassium-Argon, etc., that the earth is billions of years old. The Carbon-14 dating method measures the decay and converts that decay into years. Rocks, minerals and fully mineralized fossils cannot be dated by the "radiocarbon" method. Even ardent proponents of Carbon-14 dating know that past 50,000 years, the Carbon-14 remaining in a once-living object would be so minute that no reliable measurement could be made. Many scientists doubt Carbon-14 dating's accuracy beyond 3,000 years.The writer also asked if the billions of years attributed to the age of the universe is the work of the devil and the answer is yes.

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