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4 - Garmin 2008 Map Update North America What to DO:1 - connect the GPS to the computer2 - Insert the Map update disk3 - Install the Lower 48 states, United States(Reason - the C330 has around 1000mb of memory and the "US 48 states" map uses around 900mb" while Canada uses 400mb...which is why you will need that 512mb SD card later)4 - Once the GPS is updated with the US map. This can be done with going to "My Computer" right click on your CD/DVD drive and click on "Explore"5 - Open the folder called "img"6 - Copy the file called "gmapprom U.img" file is around 430mb.

(This is the map file for Canada)7 - Insert your SD card into your card reader and connect it to your computer. If not you should see it on your "My Computer"8 - Once you have navigated your way into the SD card directory.

Create a folder on the SD card named "garmin" (no caps)9 - Go into your newly created "garmin" folder right click and paste the "gmapprom U.img" file.

(This may take upto 20 to 30 mins)10 - Once the process is complete, Rename the "gmapprom U.img" file to -- "gmapsupp.img" (watch for spelling, no caps at all)11 - Remove the SD card, Turn off your GPS, Insert SD card into GPS.12 - Turn on GPS, let it load, and there you have it, the FULL North America Map.

For more information, see How do I install My Drive Connect on my computer?

Tom Tom HOME is a stand-alone program used to make the connection between your navigation device and your computer.

The The offerings provided by the company chiefly assists in navigation, traffic knowledge, helps comprehend the route with the recent maps.

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As of now, Tom Tom HOME has bricked my navigation, and the CX-5 no longer acknowledges the SD card when I press the "Nav" button on the dash. I used Internet Explorer to back up my SD card first.

Download Tom Tom Home 2 and first update the application level which is quick and provides more menu setting options.

The company was founded in 1991 and has its headquarters in Amsterdam.

Currently, It has offices in 37 different countries with about 4000 employees.

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