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The show is hosted by Andrea Silenzi, and in each episode, she speaks with friends, experts, and random guys in bars about where love and sex meets technology.Blurring the lines between memoir, documentary, and fiction, Why Oh Why aims to discover greater truths about relationships and dating.For example: “I am in need of some intelligent male company…I am an avid reader, , talkative, curious and always up for trying something new.” Media companies salivate over that kind of loyalty and identification with the brand.“People not only have an affinity for NPR but an affinity for each other, as listeners,” Kinsey Wilson, NPR’s general manager of digital media told me.If only people approached dating like an economist, he thought, they’d be better off. You’ll hear what Vogt had done right, what Oyer thinks was wrong, and what happens when you update your profile, economist-style. All my Jewish friends talk about being under pressure from mum to meet a good Jewish boy or girl, but they don’t happen to be everywhere, but they’re all over J-Date.Finally, the economist Justin Wolfers points out one of the most revolutionary benefits of online dating — finding matches in traditionally “thin” markets: WOLFERS: So I do think it’s a really big deal for young gay and lesbian men and women in otherwise homophobic areas. And I imagine this is true in other ethnic communities.Users can play games, such as Name That NPR Theme Song (I earned four-of-four virtual tote bags, thank you), and then share the results with friends.Secret games will be “unlocked” with every 100,000 new users, Wilson said.

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npr digital dating-71

Every episode has something interesting to share, but #8, How Will I Know, brought me to tears in my kitchen. I strongly suspect this podcast is especially cathartic if you've recently gone through a breakup, but regardless of your current relationship status, it's a super entertaining show."The Daily Dot: The 13 podcasts you should be listening to right now"The creativity and scope of her episodes never fail to surprise me, and through the lens of this show and our cheering for Andrea’s happiness, we’re all cheering a little bit for ourselves."Paste Magazine: Love(lessness) and Dating in the Age of Podcasts with is a magical hodgepodge of fact and fiction, of interviews and of introspection, of dudes in bars and dudes in radio studios, of pre- and post-inaugural dating advice.

Frustrated at being ignored, the man decides to download Tinder and sings his way through a number of unsuccessful dates.

NPR executives have been known to brag that theirs is just about the only news organization to show up in people’s personal ads.

I'll admit that in the aftermath of my own breakup, I couldn't listen to it. "New York Times: The Best New Podcasts of 2016In this auditory exploration of modern love, Andrea Silenzi plays both host and subject, delving into strangers’ romantic entanglements and processing her own with the same warm, wry curiosity.

It reminded me of all the feelings I was trying to not feel, all the thoughts I was trying not to think, all the questions I was trying not to ask. The show mimics dating’s emotional roller coaster, careening from the excruciating awkwardness of a real first date to the quiet heartache of Ms.

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