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Huntington Ingalls, based in Newport News, Va., is the product of a 2011 spinoff of defense giant Northrop Grumman Corp.'s military shipbuilding division -- a step Los Angeles-based Northrop Grumman took in the face of tight military budgets and the threat of more cutbacks in defense spending.When the deal was announced in 2010, Northrop Grumman said part of the long-term plan for the new independent company would be to close Avondale, which has seen its payroll cut from nearly 5,000 to about 3,300 employees over the past few years.Subsequently, it went to Amtrak, which replaced its pair of EMD 567 prime movers with higher-horsepower 645s, creating an E9 (albeit with 2600 horsepower rather than the standard 2400).Following its career with the passenger carrier, it was acquired by the Danbury Museum, and repainted as NYC 4096, since the highest-numbered New York Central E8 had been the 4095.

Yet, in the intervening decade-plus between the two photos, 4096’s appearance had taken a decided turn for the worse.

And, I think the officers were as friendly as could be given the situation that they had to respond to someone's call to their department.

Hamlin) It used to look better than it did in the photo above, which was taken in July 2012; here’s a better-looking example from the year 2000: https:// For that matter, it looked considerably different at points earlier in its career, as well.

Like the helicopter parents we swear we don’t want to be.” While I can understand a full-time working parent’s desire to check in with their child during a long work day, I have to wonder when and how they have time to tune in for any satisfactory amount of time.

From what I remember about how mesmerizing baby watching can be, I’d be afraid having access to live webcam at work might get me fired.

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