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She guest stars as herself, heavily featured in "We Love You, Conrad" and in an animated Laguna Beach in "Prick Up Your Ears".

She has watched Family Guy for many years, and considers Stewie Griffin her favorite character.

He was very intoxicated at the time, and does not seem to recognize Lauren as the star she is, calling her 'blondie'.

They hit it off soon after meeting, and after Brian cracks a few lame jokes, Lauren laughs and says that he reminds her of her stepdad.

Basically my old manager at the time was like, 'Oh, take a picture with her.' "He just basically ran this story trying to say that I was dating Lauren Conrad. I was like: 'Oh, great, I have to do this.' That's how it is in Hollywood. You have all these amazing showrunners who actually embrace people's personal lives and embrace people's truth.

Last month, Conrad had a baby shower with her family and close friends.He said: "The craziest thing was my career actually became the best it's ever been once I actually was true to myself. I was in Paris the day that the article dropped, and I cried for three day straight." Colton is now engaged to his partner Jeff Leatham, who he started dating this year.After the war, he returned to college in San Marcos and earned his Bachelor’s degree in 1946.Conrad said, “It was the most awkward thing ever.”" data-reactid="28"Now that Conrad is older, she’s able to look back on the relationship and the show with some perspective.Mission Viejo, California, United States of America. The loves, exes and fating of Lauren Conrad, listed by most recent.

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