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The majority of these uses refer to forms of uncleanliness in Leviticus.For example, in Leviticus, if a man take his brother's wife, then that is "uncleanness", niddah. Sex education was less likely to appear on the syllabus than Iberian pork cookery. Today, what constitutes effective sex education is pretty clear.Then I went to a secular high school, where sex ed consisted of one lecture for freshmen, taught by the football coach, involving the canonical image of a condom being rolled on over a banana, along with lots of threats about dying of AIDS. “Abstinence-only” and “abstinence until marriage” programs don’t work as well as comprehensive ones; the latter provide actual, factual information about pregnancy and AIDS prevention.We will study the rich diversity of these competing interpretations and seek to understand what lies behind them. What are the religious debates played out in the different versions of these stories, and what’s at stake? An optional embedded one-credit course will allow students to spend spring break engaging in hands-on historical research into Jewish history in Pennsylvania.Why is Noah a righteous hero in Christian tradition, but in Jewish tradition more often portrayed as a profane man who was only the least bad of an evil generation? How has the ancient religion of Judaism entered the Modern World? Whether you are already familiar with the New Testament or simply curious about it, this course will provide you a thorough introduction to the books of the New Testament, central figures like Jesus and Paul, and the historical contexts that shed light on the early Christian movement.

The Biblical regulations of Leviticus specify that a menstruating woman must "separate" for seven days (Leviticus ).

BROOKLYN DA’S ORTHODOX JEWISH LIAISON HELPS GUIDE FAMILIES THROUGH THE FEAR MICHAEL LESHER: THE FIGHT AGAINST INTIMIDATION MUST RAGE ON Launched amid complaints that Hynes was soft on Orthodox child predators, Kol Tzedek aims to coax victims to come forward, despite strong pressure in the insular religious community to cover up such crimes.

All but two of the suspects are men, and more than half the victims are male, said Assistant DA Rhonnie Jaus, chief of the sex abuse and crimes against children division.

Jerusalem’s past and its impact on the politics of the modern Middle East is also examined in light of various interpretations of Jerusalem’s major archaeological discoveries and their presentation to the public. This course will study the changes Modernity brought and the ways that Jews have responded to them.

Why are the stories of the Bible told and interpreted in so many different ways in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? We'll look at the Enlightenment and Emancipation, at Industrialization and Urbanization, and at Egalitarianism, Feminism, and Democracy, investigating how an ancient tradition embraced and/or resisted change. This course will explore the history, culture, politics and religious developments spanning from the arrival of the first Sephardi exiles up to the contemporary period.

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